Our vision and values

We're proud to do things differently - driving our business forward in a way that
capitalises on our team's potential, as well as their long-term industry experience.

Our vision

RCS Group is a company that’s focused on
the future. Committed to delivering
technological innovation to Australian rail
projects, we drive sustainable market growth
in Australia and overseas, prioritise
investment in our people and push for safer
and more efficient rail systems.

see our detailed vision for 2024

Our values

Safety first

Safety is our business. Our
safety culture drives
everything we do, from the
management of our
worksites through to the
integrity of our safety

Unique and talented

The barriers to entry are high
- this limits our capacity but
ensures we recruit the best
in the industry. We look for a
unique cultural fit as well as
technical excellence.

Innovative disruption

We have some very smart
people working in a culture
of creativity and innovation.
This enables us to embrace
industry-leading ideas and
concepts and deliver the
benefits to our customers.

Truly collaborative

Our business governance
empowers our teams to make
decisions for the best
customer outcomes. By
welcoming our customers into
our community, we continue to
build long-lasting relationships
based on trust and

We want our business to be the collective success of everyone involved.
That’s what our three-year vision is about - it’s not just bringing people on a
journey, it’s showing them the destination first.

Carmen Harrison , CFO