Engineering design

Led by senior engineering staff with years of industry and state operator specific experience

Based in Melbourne and Brisbane, the teams cross-pollinate their skill
sets to ensure optimum, efficient resourcing to our projects.

Accommodating a wide variety of legacy and modern technology
systems, we provide engineering capability across the whole design
lifecycle, from principles-based scheme development through to
detailed lineside and interlocking design. Our senior test engineers
being some of the best qualified in Australia and our dedicated in-house
testing and commissioning engineers are well-versed in factory-based
and onsite pre-testing and commissioning.

Recruitment in the engineering discipline is selective, and this has
resulted in a very strong team culture and an exceptional delivery
record. It is for this reason that we prefer not to ‘body shop’ our
engineering staff. Our value resides in our people and our people work
best as a team.

Engineering design solutions

Getting this right de-risks the signalling delivery – or rather, getting it wrong can be very costly and time consuming. Not a risk anyone wants on their project. Our team are very experienced in taking operational requirements, civil and track design and, by applying local signalling principles, developing an optimised signalling scheme. Our team have carried out scheme development and optioneering for major projects across Australia. Headway analysis, signalling the layout, signalling scheme plans, location area and system schematics, safety in design workshops and reports and signalling functional specifications.

Development and documentation of principles, application of principles to design solutions and standards, principles level design reviews and testing. We have worked at a detailed principles level on many projects for many rail operators around the world. We draw on this experience to ensure that local requirements are met whilst ensuring the overall integrity required for a safe signalling system.

The core signalling project deliverables. Cable running, earthing and bonding, power calcs and power distribution, location cases and SER’s, control tables, fringe circuits and interfaces. The proving ground for our engineers and a right of passage to specialisation in principles and technology specific engineering.

We are technology agnostic, this enables us to match the right solution to our customer’s needs. It also means we explore the industry to keep on top of technology innovation and developments in rail across the globe. We typically have 1 or 2 R&D projects running to ensure that we can provide relevant and value add solutions for our customers.

SIL4 Level Crossing Solution
Based around Frauscher wheel detection, we have developed a level crossing solution that utilises a TUV certified safety controller with onboard safe application logic to control the level crossing, Frauscher Safe Ethernet serial comms and (non-safe) event logging and monitoring. The hardware and in-house developed software are certified to Cenelec EN5012x to provide assurance that the solution is demonstrably safe for use in a SIL4 environment.

The systems is configurable to any level crossing type (single or multi track, uni or bi directional) and can also implement RCSG’s (patent pending) speed proving technology for consistent warning times and improved road opening on mixed traffic lines with varying line speeds.

RCSG can deliver these level crossing systems as a package or, if you are a systems integrator or signalling delivery organisation, we can provide the technology and support for you to deliver the solution yourself.

RCSG has been supporting major infrastructure projects in Australia for over 14 years. Throughout the history of RCSG there are very few occasions when we haven’t had a design team deployed to a project in Victoria, Queensland or both. As a result, our engineering delivery teams are very experienced at operating in a multi-disciplinary delivery environment.

We have particular expertise with Computer Based Interlocking (CBI) holding recognised competency with most major vendor technology, such as SSI (and derivative systems), Microlok, ElectroLogix, VHLC, Westrace and VPI. We also specialise in safety certified Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) interlocking technology solutions.

safety and engineering

We provide safety-critical solutions through
cutting-edge technology

Since our inception, we’ve developed and employed safety
systems to both private and mainline rail operators, with solutions
ranging from stand-alone level crossings to fully integrated
signalling interlocking and control systems.

These solutions utilise industry standard interfaces and
communication protocols, for low-risk network integration and
significant future-proofing opportunities. Governed by both our
quality assurance processes and internationally recognised safety
standards, RCA Group is proud to be leading signalling
technology innovation in Australia.