Our culture

Welcome to the RCS Group community.

The value of an organisation resides with its people. At RCS Group, we recognise that value and invest in our growing team, trusting them to drive the future of our organisation through self-management and strategic thinking. We share the values of trust, flexibility and autonomy, as well as our founding partners’ passion for innovative industry disruption. Most importantly, we share the belief that there is always room to improve the safety and efficiency of our rail networks for present and future stakeholders. In fact, we rely on our people to drive the future of the organisation through self-management and strategic thinking. Sharing the value of trust, flexibility and autonomy, we know we can depend on our people.

Our culture of ownership and accountability is supported by rigorous process, open communications and a collective focus on the growth and development of individuals and the organisation as a whole. Our executive team is committed to driving strategy and providing the leadership and expert advice to support the evolution of RCS Group as we build the rail networks of the future.

Our programs

Women make up an important workgroup at RCS Group, and we’re starting to see this representation increase across all our disciplines as the business grows. Through initiatives like the RCS Group Women in Business program, we offer everything from mentoring, collaboration forums and targets for gender diversity with a view to encouraging more women to join and stay in rail infrastructure.

The key focus areas of this program are:

  1. Social and economic development
  2. Leadership and accountability
  3. Understanding industry standards
  4. Changing the culture

At RCS Group, we take our values seriously – they are the core of who we are and what we do. Our values are the guiding principles that sit at the heart of our decision making, team building and brand development processes. In order to reward and recognise those who are living examples of our values, we have introduced a new Values Champion initiative. Our employees can nominate members of their community who they think best represent the values of RCS Group.

If our people don’t grow, neither will our business. We’ve always had a strong culture of technical mentorship which now extends to career and personal development for every individual in the business. Our people have the freedom to choose their destiny and the support to achieve their goals. Our training and development investment applies to all employees and provides even the most seasoned industry personnel with the opportunity to diversify or progress in a specialised discipline.

Personalised training initiatives, 1:1 mentorship and a strong focus on career progression means that RCSG isn’t simply a career steppingstone – it’s a destination.

  • One-on-one career mentorship
  • Individual training budget
  • Graduate Development Program
  • One-on-one technical mentorship
  • Technical competency goals
  • ‘Me time’ special projects – do something that interests you
  • Knowledge sharing and opportunities to learn on the job from some of the best in the business.

Flexible work has evolved rapidly at RCS Group. Its permutations have proliferated; you could say it has gone viral. At RCS Group, we support our team to break the norm of rigid 9-to-5, five-day weeks spent sitting in an office chair – whether that means working from the comfort of home or bringing the kids or pets to work for the day. We support work-life balance and allow our teams the empowerment to work where, when and how they want.

Adopting a flexible working model has been critical to managing our growth and scale. From the founding Directors in 2007, the business now has 100+ employees, 100% of whom work flexibly in some capacity.

RCS Group offers all employees competitive remuneration packages that equal or exceed the current industry standards in the Rail infrastructure industry. In each and every instance, RCS Group can negotiate a remuneration package in order to hire qualified employees who fit into the values of our Company. RCS Group values community and flexible working and sees the advantages of our highly competitive overtime structure that enables our employees to be part of:

  • a more flexible workforce
  • a workforce that can deal with bottlenecks, busy periods, cover of absences and staff shortages
  • a remuneration package that has increased earning for employees.

RCS Group offers structured Undergraduate and Graduate programs. If you’re nearing the end of your degree or want to start exploring your options for the future, undergraduate and graduate programs at RCS Group are certainly worth looking into. Our programs provide a great head start in your career, each including:

  • Rotation forums for exposure across engineering design, technology, project delivery, technology safety assurance and testing.
  • Dedicated mentoring system with a senior leader
  • Official graduation ceremony and celebration in recognition of progress

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RCS Group is a registered training organisation that supports apprenticeships. Our rigorous apprenticeship programs offer employees to:

  • Take the opportunity to study and earn an income while undertaking a qualification.
  • Apply if they are of working age.
  • Learn new skills while getting paid.
  • Participate full-time, part-time or while at school.

The wide range of projects that we are contracted to deliver allows us to provide numerous training opportunities that allow our employees to partake in such programs.

I won’t say we seek out rebellious types exactly, but we certainly look for
people willing to challenge us and the broader industry.

Chris Hooper, HR manager