Testing and commissioning

Our testing team will ensure that the signalling system being installed meets all the
requirements for quality, safety and efficiency.

As we share a location with the infrastructure team, we can
independently verify constructed equipment huts and housing before
equipment is shipped to site.

RCS Group can help plan and manage signal commissionings
including planning minor and major shutdowns and multidisciplinary
works. We supply on-site testing resources including equipment testers,
Principles Testers and Testers-In-Charge.

The RCS Group testing team will ensure that your project is
coordinated with other works being undertaken and commissioned
safely and efficiently.

man fixing train electric storage

Testing and commissioning

We deliver safety to our customers

The signalling test and commissioning process is the last line of validation before the system is turned over for train running. It is also almost always on the critical path of any planned rail disruption for the delivery of upgraded rail infrastructure.

At RCS Group we pride ourselves on using our skills and expertise to ensure that this vital function is delivered diligently and in accordance with both the customers requirements and as part of a coordinated integrated possession program.