Smart Rail Technology

Technology solutions – safety critical solutions through leading edge technology

As technological innovation is a carefully controlled process in the rail safety environment, rail operators are often reliant on dated legacy systems. RCS Smart Rail Technology has intimate knowledge of the legacy systems and the limitations they impose on rail operations, maintainers and safety. Legacy systems may have the tenure, but would they withstand the safety assurance process applied to new technology today?

We like to challenge the norm and find better and safer ways of doing things. We also understand the risks associated with technical innovation in a safety environment.

RCS Smart Rail Technology combines rail signalling expertise with new technology and an in-house functional safety assurance team to ensure that we provide safe, reliable technology solutions that solve real-world problems for our clients.

Functional safety management

We have expertise in functional safety management within the rail environment. This puts us in a unique position for implementation of COTS solutions into rail applications. We can apply EN5012X safety standards to develop COTS based signalling specific solutions.

Technology solutions

RCS Smart Rail Technology pioneered the use of HIMA signalling applications in Australia in 2014. We have the capability to apply functional safety management to the deployment of COTS technology and has significant expertise with the HIMA product.  We can partner with you to ensure that your implementation of COTS is delivered safely and effectively.

Our engineers have experience in delivering Microlok that spans 20+ years throughout Australia and Southeast Asia. We have developed data standards and we have the tools to effectively deliver your Microlok project.

RCS Smart Rail Technology can deliver your Electrologix project using the right competency and the right resources for safe and reliable outcomes.

We are industry leaders in the delivery of SSI technology solutions and projects world-wide. We literally wrote the book having developed many SSI design standards used today.

safety and technology

Leaving a new rail signalling legacy

To date, RCS Smart Rail Technology has developed and deployed safety
systems to private and main line rail operators with solutions
ranging from standalone level crossings to fully integrated,
signalling interlocking and control systems.

Our solutions utilise industry standard interfaces and
communication protocols for low-risk network integration and
significant future proofing opportunities. Governed by our quality
assurance processes and internationally recognised safety
standards, RCS Smart Rail Technology is leading signalling technology
innovation in Australia. We have patents pending and are in the process
of exporting our technology overseas.