Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at RCSA

Corporate responsibility at RCSA

Over the last 12 months, we have reviewed what corporate social responsibility means to us. Early in the process it was acknowledged that it sounded wonderful but raised the question – what were RCSA going to do that would have long-term meaning to our staff and the communities in which we work?

What have RCSA done this year?

Funded the initiative.

Talk is cheap. It was important to all parties that funding would be made available to support several corporate responsibility initiatives. This funding takes many forms from direct contributions to organisations to staff undertaking activities during their working day. We are proud to say that the RCSA shareholders were unanimous in their agreement in funding the ongoing corporate responsibility initiatives.

Formed a committee.

A corporate responsibility committee was formed within RCSA with a clear mandate

Make it fun.
Make it personal based on feedback and suggestions from RCSA staff.
To ensure that all funds are ethically invested.
To ensure corporate giving is meaningful in an ongoing way.
To ensure the sustainability of our investment.
To give back to the communities in which we work.

Initiatives so far

Animal Sanctuary works.
A team from RCSA undertook remediation works at an animal sanctuary that provides care to mistreated, neglected, and abandoned animals. As a team we scrubbed rust, painted animal feeders and helped to clean areas for our furry friends.

Undertaken a blood drive.
Several staff both in Brisbane and Melbourne have volunteered to give blood. Blood supplies in Australia are often at very low levels with someone somewhere in Australia rely on blood every 18 seconds.

Committed to social enterprise catering.
As a business, we are committed to arranging our catering for various events through food services that operate on a social mission. These might include creating job opportunities and skills training for marginalised groups, providing healthy local food options or celebrating the the unique foods of different cultural groups.

RCSA’s foundation is built on a strong culture of support for its employees. Currently, RCSA is going through a period of significant growth that presents numerous challenges. We are working hard as a team to address those challenges and at the same time thinking of those less fortunate, those in need and those that can use our help.