Middlemount Coal Rail Spur Project

Project Description

The Middlemount Early Rail Alliance delivered an electrified rail spur from the South Goonyella Line to the Middlemount mine in central Queensland. The Middlemount Coal Rail Spur project involves the planning, statutory approvals, design, construction, and commissioning of a 17km spur line and balloon loop. The critical component of the signalling delivery was the tie in to the QR main line.

Works delivered by RCSA on this project included:

  • Preliminary signalling scheme design to address the needs of the project and in accordance with QR standards
  • Detailed signalling design of the balloon loop signalling and critically the interface to the main line and changes to the main line signalling
  • Design, verification and off site principles testing of Microlok computer based interlocking
  • Testing and commissioning support

Project Name

Middlemount Coal Rail Spur Project


Middlemount Coal Rail Spur Project

  • Queensland

  • 2009