Cross River Rail

Project Description

Cross River Rail is a $5.4 billion dollar project to build a new 10.2km rail line from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills including a tunnel from Dutton Park to Normanby and the construction of four new railway stations.

RCS Australia (RCSA) and RCS Infrastructure (RCSI) have been contracted to undertake signalling design, construction, installation, and testing and commissioning for the Rail Integration and Systems (RIS) ‘Unity’ alliance. Our teams are developing the signalling design from concept through to detail and liaise with project stakeholders to identify cross discipline risks and develop optimal solutions for the project.

In addition to the design, our RCSA and RCSI teams are integral in the discipline leadership. Our construction and testing leaders are engaged in the planning and management of complex site works and the site teams are mobilised over multiple track access and commissioning windows.


Project Name

Cross River Rail


UNITY Alliance

  • Queensland

  • 2019 - 2025