Adelaide Rail Revitilisation Project

Project Description

The entire existing passenger rail network was upgraded as part of the South Australian Government’s $2b plan to revitalise the public transport network. The design & construct scope included replacement of timber and steel sleepers with concrete gauge convertible sleepers, replacement of ballast, formation repairs and renewals, upgrade and construction of trackside drainage systems, turnout upgrades and the replacement and/or refurbishment of existing rail.

RCSA provided signalling design, testing and commissioning in support of the track improvement program and carried out several signalling upgrades and renewals as part of the works.

This project had a number of stakeholders, both within the Tracksure Alliance and externally from overlapping projects. This gave RCSA the opportunity to carry out significant planning and risk management to ensure all stakeholders achieved their objectives whilst ensuring that the signalling delivery maintained program.


Project Name

Adelaide Rail Revitilisation Project


Tracksure Alliance

  • South Australia

  • 2011 - 2013