Here is our 3-year vision. Now, if you’re expecting something wild and totally transformative, this isn’t it. In fact, you might say that it’s not actually very visionary. The RCSA of 2024 doesn’t sound a whole lot different to our industry position today – well, kinda and kinda not. We arrived at where we are today through a journey of engineering innovation, industry exploration and working on a variety of projects with a variety of customers. We have taken risks and followed opportunities, we’ve grown (and grown up) and most of all, we’ve learned who we are as an organisation. It is with over a decade of reflection and a keen eye for the future that we define our 3-year vision. It’s not about change. It’s about being very deliberate in our industry positioning, our business activities and our relationships. We will continue to take risks and follow opportunities and there’s still plenty of room to grow, but now we have a clear view of our destination.

Our Industry Position

We are the leading signalling provider to the Australian rail industry, and we are expanding into the international market for technology solutions and professional services.

RCSA is unique for its capability and expertise across all signalling engineering and delivery disciplines.

Our capability is re-enforced by dominance in the Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) signalling technology market, leading the development and delivery of COTS based solutions to end users and other system integrators.

RCSA’s engineering excellence is backed up by smart business systems and commercial management, and our elitist approach to recruitment, strong cultural identity and our reputation for safe and reliable delivery places us in a position of consistent demand.

RCSA delivers outstanding results to its employees, shareholders and to the rail industry.

The RCSA Brand



Safety is our business. Our safety culture drives everything we do, from the management of our worksites through to the integrity of our safety systems.



The barriers to entry are high – this limits our capacity but ensures we recruit the best in the industry. We look for a unique cultural fit as well as technical excellence.



We have smart people working in a culture of creativity and innovation. This enables us to bring new ways of thinking to our customers and lead the industry from the front.



Our business governance empowers our teams to make decisions for the best customer outcomes, and by welcoming customers into our community, we continue to build long lasting relationships based on trust and collaboration.

Our People


Cultural alignment is important at RCSA and we are known for this.

The short-term limitations of resource availability (quantity) are far less important to us than the long term returns of having an aligned, dedicated and cohesive team (quality).

This means that demand consistently exceeds supply, but this enables us to be selective of what we do and who we work with.

RCSA staff across all disciplines and in all roles are aligned to our values which promotes a true sense of ownership and belonging 


Business performance is openly shared with employees. We don’t hide our success or failures.

Everyone in the organisation takes ownership of business operations and performance and constantly strives for improvement.

There is a strong sense of trust throughout the business which promotes a community environment.

Our people feel secure and valued

Our Customers

Main Line Rail Operators

We have relationships with  major rail operators in Australia through the provision of:

  • Professional services
  • Technology solutions
  • Engineering design and
  • Construction

Our safety record, expertise, and our ability to meet programme deadlines provides safety and delivery assurance in an inherently risky yet risk adverse industry.

Tier 1 Contractors and Major Rail Infrastructure Projects

RCSA designs, constructs and commissions into revenue service, signalling safety systems for Australia’s biggest rail infrastructure projects. 

We have strong relationships with major delivery partners, based on trust, and we enjoy repeat business from our customers.

Our focused and strategic approach to partnering provides for delivery efficiency and innovation unique to RCSA and not otherwise attainable in the industry.

Private Rail Operators

RCSA engages with private rail operators to provide scalable and fit for purpose rail safety systems.

Our technology solutions and end to end ‘design & construct’ capability provides a unique opportunity to this market.

Our customers benefit from state-of-the-art safety systems at a size and price that is aligned with their business

Signalling Delivery Organisations and System Integrators

RCSA’s broad ranging capability enables us to add value and fill capability gaps across the industry through provision of our specialist services:

  • Construction capability
  • Legacy signalling system expertise
  • Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solutions
  • Safety assurance compliance and design development

Through leveraging our unique capabilities and strategic partnerships with other signalling delivery organisations, we provide value to the wider rail industry

Focus on


Construction has a core team that is commercially sustainable for the long term, but with the capability to deliver larger works contracts to maintain our prominent industry position. The team is able to adapt their delivery to varying scope and commercial terms, providing the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions.


The business objectives for Engineering are market growth, diversification, and a stable long term revenue pipeline.

We have a diverse and cohesive team operating in Australia and internationally. Our engineering team fulfill roles across various technical disciplines  providing for consistent career and growth opportunity. High end engineering and technology innovation are drivers for this team.

Commercial and Project Delivery

Our commercial and project delivery team are discipline dedicated and have specific industry knowledge to support our Construction and Engineering customers. Our commercial teams in both Construction and Engineering are focused on commercial risk, efficient delivery, and best customer outcomes. 

Finance and Shared Services

The unsung heroes of any successful business enterprise – our finance, human resources, marketing, IT, quality and administrative teams form the backbone from which our delivery teams operate. Business support that is culturally aligned, the best in the industry and an integral part of our engineering, delivery, and innovation teams. 

The Board

The Board provides the vision, strategy and advisory support that guides RCSA. Headed up by co-founders and old school signalling engineers Richard Ogilvie and Paul Hann, The Board are actively involved in business culture and initiatives whilst maintaining a position of enterprise-wide corporate governance.

Building the Rail Networks of The Future

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