TiCs, Function Testers & Principle Testers

Job description

Calling TiCs, Function Testers & Principle Testers

Australia is experiencing an unprecedented transport infrastructure building boom that is creating opportunity for signalling work across the country. At Rail Control Systems, we are engaged in several large infrastructure projects in Victoria and Queensland and have secured multiple multi-year pipelines of work. Therefore, our team is expanding and would love to hear from Signalling Testers, Principle Testers and TiCs with IRSE qualifications for opportunities in Australia.

TiC Roles:

Permanent/Long engagements to manage testing and commissioning closures, develop test strategies and detailed plans in line with proposed construction staging. Green and brownfield works in suburban and regional areas.
Temporary/Short engagements, TiC commissioning work for single or a series of planned closures.

Tester Roles:

Permanent/Long engagement to carry out pre-testing and function testing of infrastructure both in factory and site environments. Opportunities to lead testing teams and assist the management of works with the TiC.

Principle Testing Roles:

Permanent role, supporting internal and external PT engagements for multiple projects.
Temporary/Short engagements, PT work for single or a series of planned packages of work.

We are building our team and would be delighted to hear from anyone in the above categories with a desire to relocate to Australia on a temporary or permanent basis. At Rail Control Systems we are passionate about our people and provide great opportunities for mentorship and training and development.