Cranbourne Pakenham Rail Corridor Project

Client: MTM, CPRCP
Duration of works: 2014 - 2015
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Project Overview:

    MTM, as a part of the Cranbourne Pakenham Rail Corridor Project (CPRCP) were to undertake the CPRCP transformation project which consisted of a significant investment in rail infrastructure and was a key capacity building project with capacity expected to be boosted by 30% across metropolitan, regional and freight services. In the CPRCP form, the project was to deliver: 25 High Capacity trains, High capacity signalling, 4x Level Crossing removals, 3x newly built stations and a new maintenance depot on the existing electrified Cranbourne and Pakenham lines.

    Key Roles:

    Provide updated reference designs, encompassing:

    • Signalling Arrangement Plans
    • Location Area Plans
    • Control Tables
    • Signal power distribution plans & typical drawings
    • Time Distance Graphs
    • Braking calculations
    • Power distribution plans
    • Advice on track layout and operational requirement changes

     The key milestones of the project were:

    Achieving quality design in a timely manner to the Operator requirements. RCS Australia proved its ability to work on large-scale projects, delivering outstanding design co-ordination, clear traceability of works and value added design.