Our Approach

Collaborative partnerships

Today, it is common for RCS Australia’s clients to be a joint venture or alliance company that involves two to four organisations.

RCS Australia is experienced in the close interaction and high level of collaboration required with all parties for rail projects, which often involves government departments as asset owners.

Undertaking any project requires working in harmony with other parties appointed by the client, key stakeholders and subcontractors.

This cooperative partnership approach throughout the entire project life cycle is a cornerstone of RCS Australia’s success in delivering projects on time and on budget.

Within the technically challenging railway environment, RCS Australia utilises this collaborative approach to:

  • Design solutions from first principles
  • Develop schemes in conjunction with clients and stakeholders
  • Deliver design based upon client specifications
  • Deliver construction services
  • Check and test components of design and construct in line with client requirements

RCS Australia also works alongside leading global product manufacturers to ensure clients are provided with the best and most suitable products for their unique project requirements. Untethered from any contractual relationships with the global product manufacturers RCS Australia are able to provide an independent service to the rail industry for implementation of signalling systems.

RCS Australia offer a service that covers the whole system lifecycle from assisting stakeholders and users to build system requirements through to assisting operational staff understand and maintain newly commissioned and existing systems. In providing this service RCS Australia employ a systematic approach to all projects and engineering activity, and by applying internationally recognised standards for systems engineering, RCS Australia ensure that all project deliverables meet the stakeholder and user requirements.

Service excellence

Service excellence is at the forefront of RCS Australia’s offering to clients.

The company is continually looking for ways to deliver better client experiences, identifying key components of a project that will provide improved client engagement and satisfaction.

RCS Australia values client feedback and continually scores highly on its customer satisfaction index.

Quality control

RCS Australia’s Quality Management System is certified to the ISO9001 industry standard.

Safety and compliance

RCS Australia has a strong commitment to industry safety and ensures compliance with the rigorous standards expected within the rail environment. In particular, the provision of a safe, healthy and hazard free work environment for all employees and contractors.


RCS Australia is guided by its core values of:

  • A culture of safety
  • Adherence to quality management processes
  • A commitment to serve clients
  • Dedication to service excellence
  • Transparency in all relationships
  • Collaboration within partnerships
  • Open and honest communication